New AdSphere™ Build to be released on 5/23/18

Call it what you will!

If you click “Don’t show me this again” it will turn off Excel Popups system wide. You can always re enable them from within the My Reports Tab.

If you’ve ever wanted to customize, or change, the name of any file or saved FILTER inside of AdSphere, now you can!

Before we get started, please log into AdSphere™ and go to the MY REPORTS tab.  On the upper right side of the page, please make sure that Excel Popup is Enabled.

Assuming your Excel Popups are enabled, whenever you click to create an Excel output anywhere in AdSphere a window will popup as shown above.  You can click into the file name field and customize the name of the Excel file that will be created.  If you change your mind, you can click the refresh icon in blue and the system will reset the name of the file back to the system default.  Click OK to proceed.  When you go to the My Reports tab to retrieve your report, it will be named as you specified.  This is great if you wish to name reports on the fly as you create them throughout the system.


Rename Reports & Filters

You can also click on any file name inside of My Reports or My Filters and rename them at any time.

New Way to Share Videos!

DRMetrix has made it easy to share hundreds of videos in seconds with its multi-brand, advertiser, and brand level creative EXCEL exports.  But what if you only want to share one video?  In this build, we’ve added a COPY TO CLIPBOARD icon which you can see in the picture above.  Just click to play any video and then click this icon at the bottom right of the video player.   Once the video link is copied to your computer’s clipboard, you can PASTE it into any document, email, etc.  Now you can share any video in seconds!

To paste the video link into a document or email:

MAC – Use the key combination COMMAND+V

PC – Use the key combination CTRL+V

Videos Now work with IOS / iPhones!

Our development team has resolved the issues with iphones so Adsphere video links from Tracking & Alerts, Weekly Spend Index Rankings, and links from our new copy/paste feature can all be played back from IOS devices now.  Note:  Due to recent changes made by Google videos may playback with audio muted.  For now, you can click to enable sound but we are working on a fix which we’ll be rolling out very soon.

Web Profiles

For various contacts on Advertiser pages, you will find a new “webprofile” logo as shown below.  These will generally link to a web page where profile information on the contact exists.

More DPI information

Following on the lead of our last build, we have added DPI graphics to networks on our Airing Detail pages in both the network drop down and in the network list at the bottom of the page.  Many of our users leverage DPI to help isolate Per Inquiry schedules.  Please see the section in our AdSphere User Guide “Isolating Per Inquiry Schedules” for more information.  To learn more about DPI, please click here.



What’s the Network OTA?

You may notice a new network showing on the network list in AdSphere called “OTA”.  OTA stands for “Over the Air”.

For each broadcast digital network that DRMetrix monitors, we’re actually monitoring two local broadcast affiliates from different markets.  When we see a direct response ad appearing at the same time across both affiliates, we report the airing as a national clearance.  Using this methodology, DRMetrix is able to report airings running in the national ad breaks on the broadcast diginets.   This is different from the cable networks where DRMetrix monitors airings in both national and local DPI breaks.

DRMetrix may discover DR ads inserted by the local broadcast affiliates that we monitor.   Instead of ignoring and/or purging these creatives, we have decided to retain creatives of interest by assigning them to a fake network called “OTA”.  If you see a campaign that’s only running on OTA, please know it’s not running nationally and was picked up in one or more local broadcast markets.  Campaigns showing on the OTA network will be a small incomplete sample of the types of DR campaigns that are being aired by local broadcasters.  You may see airings assigned to OTA on occasion on various AdSphere™ reports including airing detail and summary reports and, for the most part, you can choose to ignore them.  These may also show up on your daily or weekly email tracking alerts.  If it’s obvious to our researcher that a new DR ad is only applicable to a certain market, these types of ads will not be included.

New AdSphere™ Build to be released week of 4-23-18


AdSphere™ is now faster than ever.  

You may have noticed faster login times from our last release which has been expanded to include quicker load times for the HOME tab as well as for default brand and advertiser rankings.

Checkout our new DPi flag…

DPi signals allow DRMetrix to segment airings between two types of national cable ad breaks.   Networks have been flagged which have local ad breaks and where DRMetrix receives DPi signaling.  The DPi flag graphic has also been added to the downloadable Network List in AdSphere™.  To learn more about DPi signaling, please click here.

New User Guide

The AdSphere™ user guide has been updated.  Given all the new features we’ve released over the past few months, the user guide has doubled in size.  Please grab a copy to go over some of the new features such as tracking & alerts, network log view, and many others.  Click the USER GUIDE link at the top right on the HOME tab of AdSphere™ to download your copy today!   For those of you interested in isolating Per Inquiry schedules, you’ll find this section has been updated to take advantage of our new DPi flags!

Enhancements to Network Log View

If you know the date you wish to research, now you can quickly choose any media day making navigation easier and faster!  The separate media year, week, and day drop downs are now optional to use.  As a helpful addition, you can now see the date when AdSphere™ began monitoring any chosen network.  In the example below, you can see that A&E was added on 08/04/2014 to make you aware that airings prior to this date are not available in the network log view.

In addition to the new calendar date picker, you can now choose between Filtered Results or All airings view (see below).  This is helpful in situations where you may wish to bring both short form and 28.5 minute airings into a single view.  As another example, let’s say you have set brand classification filter to 300 second spots before navigating to network log view.  The system would normally only show you 300 second airings but now  you can click to see ALL airings which will ignore your filter settings and bring 100% of airings captured by AdSphere™ into the view.  In the all view you will see all airings for the brand classifications: Short Form Products, Lead Generation, Brand/DR, and 28.5 minute.  Now you can filter the results in the  network log view results using any of the AdSphere™ filters with the option to remove the filters and show all airings without having to change your filter settings and/or leave the network log view.

Airing Analysis Enhancements

We really appreciate the input from our wonderful customers.  Because of your suggestions, we’ve added a new Dayparts tab, which maps the airings for any creative or brand across 6 standardized dayparts.   When looking at data for a singular network, Adsphere™ uses that network’s DR dayparts.  However, because DR dayparts are not universal, when visualizing data across all networks the best we can do is to create standardized dayparts in addition to our existing Hour of Day view.  We’re looking for feedback and would love to have your thoughts and suggestions for further refinements.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find some new columns breaking out national airing and local airing counts for each network.  Additionally, a new Excel report is available that will allow you to export all of the summary network and nested creative details for any brand or creative including clickable play links.

Tab 1 “Networks” will display the summary network counts, based on your filter settings, for any brand/creative and time frame.

Tab 2 – “Creatives” will provide all nested creative summary detail by network including clickable play buttons which are good for 30 days.   If the specific creative has aired on the network within the last 10 days, the play button will play back a sample airing from that network.  Otherwise, the system will revert to playing a recent airing from another network and/or play an older version of the ad known as the “master’ which was captured when AdSphere™ first registered the creative.


New Adsphere Build Released 3/20/18

As part of today’s new release, you may be asked to reauthenticate with Authy.   Also, if you have any issues, please go to the login page for AdSphere and click the SHIFT key and the REFRESH / RELOAD button on your browser to insure you have the latest version.

When you first login, you’ll notice the default ranking report for last week loads very quickly.  We’ve done some technical things to speed up login so you can access other features of the system without having to wait for the default report to load.  Also, you’ll notice the network drop down loads faster allowing you to access the new network log feature in record time.  To assist our users in accessing inactive and non-active networks, we’ve added a new ALL NETWORKS button in blue.  Active networks are those that have activity for the period and filters chosen.  So if one filters for 300s (5 min) creative for last week, the default list under SHOW ACTIVE NETWORKS will only display those networks that actively ran 5 min creative.  If you wish to access the network log view for a network that isn’t actively airing 5 min. creative, it’s very easy with the new SHOW ALL NETWORKS button.  You’ll find all networks in this new view including those that have gone offline but still have historical airings data which can then be analyzed with AdSphere’s Network Log View!   If you haven’t explored the Network Log View, please watch the help video under the what’s new sticky note at the top of AdSphere.  This new release includes a host of minor performance tweaks and enhancements.    We’ve spent some time doing quality checks with the new build and we think everything is in proper working order but please do let us know if you discover any issues with the new build!

New Adsphere Build Released 2/20/18

Introducing – AdSphere’s Network Log View

A new build of AdSphere™ was released today with a new feature we’re calling the Network Log View.

Now you can analyze all of the DR creatives running on a network for any broadcast day.  You can view, refine, highlight, and create a variety of network/day specific excel outputs.  The network log view will report all short form or long form airings depending on whether you have ‘Short’ or ‘Long Form’ chosen as the Brand Classification.

To begin, start at the HOME TAB, choose short or long form brand classification and click apply.  Use the network drop down to choose your target network and then look for the new “Network Log View” button in blue.  Click it to open up the network log view as shown below.

Click the Current Week drop down where you can choose from current week, last week, or any historical media year.  Then, use the media week selector to choose your target media week and finally the day selector to narrow in on a specific broadcast day.  As you can see below, the system will list all DR airings in chronological order starting at 6AM through 5:59:59AM the next day.  (We figured our users would want to see the network log view in broadcast day.)

You can refine the view by filtering the airings by program name, advertiser, brand, or by creative name.  You can also highlight all matching airings in the view by advertiser, brand, creative, or for a specific creative/duration.   One of the use cases for the network log view is to analyze those DR creatives which have run in close proximity to your highlighted airings.  As you’ll see in the video below, this is very easy to do.  Additionally, the network log view provides access to airing level videos and airing level thumbnail images similar to the existing airing detail excel outputs!

Video #12 of our Youtube Training series will show you how to use the new Network Log View feature.   We look forward to your feedback!


AdSphere Contact Database Update – 1/21/18

The AdSphere research team is making rapid progress having already built out company and contact details for over 900 advertisers and 2600 associated contacts!  In a few short months, AdSphere will feature the most comprehensive industry database ever created which will be updated in real time for all new advertisers.

We have expanded the team allowing us to research hundreds of advertisers each week.  At the beginning of 2018, we began prioritizing all new advertisers.  During the business week, our team is working to research all new advertisers before the daily tracking & alerts are sent out each morning.

Our development team is working on our next AdSphere release which will feature our all new network log view feature.  Stay tuned, 2018 is going to be a great year!

New AdSphere Build Released – 12/19/17

Just in time for the holidays, we have a new AdSphere release!

Heading into 2018, DRMetrix is building out contact details for advertisers!  With this new release, you will begin to notice contact details on some advertiser pages.  In the example, below, you’ll find contact information and social media links for SharkNinja Operating Company as well as key contacts at the company.  If you click the arrow button shown on the far right of the picture below, you can toggle through different company contacts.


We are actively working to research all of the advertisers in the AdSphere database to provide similar detail over time.  This project will take us a number of months to complete and is sure to keep us busy in 2018!  At this time, we have researched and created profiles for over 180 advertisers and 459 contacts.  You can expect hundreds more to be completed in the coming weeks.  We will soon be adding features so that our users can even give us feedback on data.   If we are unable to determine who the advertiser is for any creative, we will ask our AdSphere user community for assistance.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and participation as we build out this important new feature!  We are excited to be the first company to build out a comprehensive database for the industry!

Tracking & Alerts

You can now schedule both daily and weekly email reports.  Now you don’t have to choose.  You can receive both a daily and a weekly synopsis of new brands and/or creatives!


Multi-Brand Classification 

Now you can run reports for any combination of short form brand classifications.  Want to run a report to rank all Lead Generation and Brand/DR campaigns?  No problem!  Try it out today.

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holidays and has an amazing New Year’s celebration!