DRMetrix Expands AVS™ Service

Following the success of it’s AdSphere™ research system, DRMetrix has been introducing a host of new features for its airing verification service known as “AVS”.

Unlike AdSphere™, AVS™ can be used to track airings for brand as well as direct-to-consumer campaigns.

Agencies and advertisers are finding AVS™ to be the most cost effective solution for tracking airings across 130+ national cable networks.  Airings data can be pulled down on a near real-time basis by integrating with the AVS™ API and/or agencies can pull down airings into media buying systems such as CORE on a daily basis.  AVS™ has recently integrated with Core Connect to completely automate the process.

AVS™ allows users to subscribe to their own campaigns as well as competitive campaigns. A built in custom report generator allows users to create individual outputs for different team members.  If an agency team is working on a particular account, they can receive airings data delivered for that campaign, as well as key competitive campaigns, on a daily and/or weekly basis.  The user interface of AVS™ is incredibly easy to use allowing different team members to login and setup their own outputs without requiring IT support.

AVS™ is capable of reporting the “break type” for each airing detected on national cable networks allowing agencies to differentiate between national and local “DPI” break airings.  For compatibility, users can assign their own network codes by network and break type.  This eliminates the traditional requirement to pay for two encodings to separate airings by break type.  In fact, AVS™ doesn’t require creative encoding so there is no costly requirement to replace air tapes in order to test drive the AVS™ service!

As part of a suite of automation tools, agencies can use the new AVS™ creative upload feature to have their creatives pre-registered before going to air.  This way, airings data is immediately available.  Users can also assign ISCI codes, unique creative names, and more as part of their creative submission.

Last, but certainly not least, DRMetrix launched a new BI tool called AVS™ Dashboards.  Now, in addition to pulling down airings data, AVS™ users can visualize airings data across multiple brand-campaigns and share the interactive reporting with colleagues and clients.  Unlike expensive BI tools such as Tableau, Microsoft BI, etc., the use of AVS™ dashboards is completely free and agencies can setup as many dashboards as they desire to share internally and/or with third parties.  The framework designed for AVS™ dashboards can be completely customized by users on a fee basis.  This is a great solution for agencies or anyone who wishes to customize their own BI solution building on DRMetrix’s existing AVS™ dashboard framework.

To learn more about the new AVS™ Dashboard offering, please click to watch the video below.

For clients interested in using AVS data with Google Data Studio, DRMetrix has created the DRMetrix AVS™ Connector. Information on how to use the new connector can be found by clicking here.

Existing AdSphere™ subscribers have access to a free tier of AVS™ which allows them to monitor unlimited creatives for up to 20 brand-campaigns a year.  If users require more, they can purchase additional brand-campaign subscriptions as needed.  Rather than charging by creative, DRMetrix charges a yearly fee of either $250 or $150 for each additional brand-campaign subscription which includes reporting for unlimited creatives for 12 months.  At the $250 rate, users can switch monitoring from one brand-campaign to another at any time throughout the year.  At $150 the monitoring is limited to a single brand-campaign for 12 months.  Over the course of the year, whether a brand/campaign launches one or dozens of new creatives, all are covered under one low yearly fee.

If you would like to learn more about AVS™, or AVS Dashboards™, please contact DRMetrix at [email protected]

Together at last… Aggregating short & long form spend in AdSphere.

It’s been a long time coming. With our latest AdSphere build, 28.5 minute airings will be treated as any other format allowing users to rollup total airings and spend by brand. Similar to other creative lengths, you’ll also be able to filter 28.5 minute creatives by product, lead generation, and brand/DR classifications. Instead of having separate brand classification sections for short and long form, there will instead be a single Brand Classification button as shown here.

When you open up the Brand Classification menu, this is what you’ll now see. All creative lengths have been unified and may now be selected which is the new default in AdSphere.

One of the things we love the most is that you can now bring all of the short and long form airings & spend together in a single view. Users won’t need to create separate short and long form reports anymore! For example, if you want a single report showing all new short and long form brands, this will now be possible. Gone are the days of having to view short and long form creatives separately.

If you would prefer to exclude long form airings, all you’ll need to do is open up the brand classification filter and unclick the 28.5m format.

For retailers using Adsphere™, they’ll be able to receive a single weekly excel output showing the aggregated spend for each ASONTV brand which will include both its short and long form spend.

We look forward to your feedback! Feel free to comment here or send an email to [email protected]

Covid-19 Impacts on Top DTC Television Advertisers

San Diego. May 21, 2020. DRMetrix, the direct-to-consumer television industry’s leading research company, has released a new research paper showing the impact that Covid-19 has had on last year’s top 50 DTC TV advertisers. “Over the past five years, online and mobile-based companies have increased their TV expenditures an average of 26% each year exceeding 7 billion on national networks in 2019. During the national quarantine, however, the top 50 prior year DTC advertisers have collectively reduced their TV expenditures by 33.8% over the prior year period”, says Joseph Gray, CEO of DRMetrix. DRMetrix’s research shows that not all DTC advertisers have pulled back. In fact, some have taken full advantage of higher TV viewership levels, buying more ads than ever before!

For some, it makes sense to buy during a time when rates are significantly discounted while viewership levels are at record heights. They are not alone, other direct-to-consumer sectors have dramatically increased TV buys. For example, AS SEEN ON TV product campaigns have increased their ad frequency by as much as 135% since the start of the quarantine period. This is especially impressive considering AS SEEN ON TV ad expenditures were down over 26% in 2019.

DRMetrix’s new research paper provides insights into why some advertisers are measuring success and increasing their buys while others are pulling back. A full list of the top 50 DTC advertisers for 2019 is provided along with advertising expenditures for pre-quarantine and quarantine periods compared to the prior year. The full research paper can be downloaded by clicking here or visiting www.drmetrix.com.

About DRMetrix
DRMetrix was founded by industry veteran Joseph Gray who has been in the direct-to-consumer television industry for 30+ years. DRMetrix monitors over 130 national TV networks 24/7/365 using state-of-the-art automated content recognition software. Direct-to-consumer ads for all creative lengths are tracked including spot, 5-min, and long-form which include web addresses, mobile app response, SMS, or toll free numbers. DRMetrix works with leading agencies such as Horizon Next, Havas Edge, Group M, ID Media, Ocean Media, as well as leading television networks such as A&E, AMC, GSN, INSP, and Hallmark Channels. For more information, please visit www.drmetrix.com and be sure and download our latest direct-to-consumer industry study.

Real Time Competitive Dashboards

Coming soon!

Easy to build, real time competitive dashboards are coming!  Creating these dashboards will be free to all existing AdSphere clients.  They will be configurable within DRMetrix’s AVS system and each dashboard can be customized for specific groups of brands & creatives.   Bundled with AdSphere, AVS access includes monitoring for unlimited creatives for up to 20 brands a year.  Any of these creatives or brands can be utilized with any number of easy to create dashboards!

Please click on the image below to launch our Youtube Video overview of the types of data visualizations that will be included in the first generation of these configurable competitive dashboards!

AdSphere’s Newest D2C Television Study

DRMetrix released its newest 5 x 5 industry study today as a revision to its prior study released at the end of Q3 ’19.  The new study includes the complete data set for 2019 and well as an updated section regarding television attribution challenges & solutions.

5 x 5 Industry Study

DRMetrix has also been tracking the recent impacts of Covid-19 on the direct-to-consumer television industry by providing a daily/week interactive tracking page on its website.

On behalf of everyone at DRMetrix, we wish safety and health to all of our industry friends during these trying times.  We will get through this together and, for those of us spending quality time at home, we hope this ‘light’ reading material will help the time pass quickly.

Tracking the Daily Impact of Coronavirus on Television Advertising

TV viewing should be on the rise due to the coronavirus pandemic leaving millions of Americans housebound.  For direct-to-consumer television campaigns, who are able to measure consumer response and campaign performance in real time, will greater television viewership levels help to sustain the industry or will there be a pull back?  The U.S. economy relies heavily on consumer spending so how consumers respond to this type of advertising in coming days will determine the impact to this 17.8 billion dollar industry sector.  If traditional brand advertisers pull back, will we see more direct-to-consumer advertising filling the gap and, if so, what types?

To help answer these questions, DRMetrix has published a new interactive chart on its website that shows the daily airing count (ad units) for different classifications of direct-to-consumer advertising across 130 national networks monitored by its AdSphere research system.  The chart shows ad units by day beginning March 1 and will update daily.  One can see a recurring decrease in ad units on weekends which is normal.  It may take a week or two before the chart begins to paint a picture of what’s happening.


DRMetrix’s chart shows the ad units for different classifications of the direct-to-consumer television industry as follows:

Traditional Direct Response (“DR”) Campaigns 

(Campaigns using differing phone, web, or SMS codes in order to better track consumer results back to specific networks, dayparts, and TV creatives).

Short Form Products – Traditional call-to-order $19.95 types of campaigns.
Lead Generation – Campaigns that don’t advertise the full price of the product or service (ie: call for free information)
28.5 Minute Infomercials – Those late night program length advertisements

Brand/Direct Campaigns

(Campaigns using a single vanity phone or URL which makes it more challenging to measure the immediate impact of television)

Vanity 800 – Campaigns using a vanity 800 call to action
Web/Mobile/SMS – Campaigns that use a vanity web, mobile app, or SMS call to action

To learn more about these classifications, and historical trends over the past 5 years, please download DRMetrix’s latest industry study.

DRMetrix wishes to extend our thoughts and prayers for everyone’s safety and health during these trying times.  As an industry, we will get through this together.  Due to the cancellation of PDMI East, we will be celebrating our industry’s accomplishments, and honoring the top advertisers of 2019, at PDMI West in September.


3/25/2020 Update – New “Cause of Change” section has been added to the report today.  For each brand classification, the top 10 daily brands are listed with the number of (+) plus or (-) minus ad units compared to the prior day.  Each brand listed includes a clickable play link.  Enjoy!

4/14/20 Update – Added toggle at top of graph to switch between daily or weekly data views.  Access historic cause of change results for any prior day or week by “clicking on” data points in top graph.  

4th Annual AdSphere™ Award Winners Announced

4th Annual AdSphere™ Awards Recognizing Top Direct-to-Consumer Advertisers in 2019

AbbVie, Progressive, Nutrisystem, E. Mishan & Sons, Guthy-Renker, Lifelock, Luminess Direct, Proactiv+, among those taking top honors.

SAN DIEGO- (March 10, 2020) – Direct-to-consumer television advertisers spent over 17.8 billion on national cable and broadcast networks in 2019.  To celebrate the industry’s accomplishments, DRMetrix’s 4th Annual AdSphere Awards is honoring the industry’s top advertisers and brands.

The awards presentation will take place at PDMI EAST 2020, where the leaders in Performance-Driven Marketing will come together in Miami, Florida from April 19 – 21, 2020Due to Coronavirus this year’s award program will be rescheduled to PDMI WEST in San Diego, September 14-16.  All of us at DRMetrix wish to extend our thoughts and prayers for everyone’s safety and health during these trying times.

AdSphere Awards is the first awards program to be inclusive of the entire direct-to-consumer industry with advertisers such as Facebook, Credit Karma, Peloton Cycle, Legal Zoom, Chewy.com, Carvana.com, Booking.com, and many others being honored.

“The AdSphere awards recognize best-of-class advertisers and brands across four industry classifications including short-form products, lead generation, brand/direct, and 28.5-minute infomercials,” said Joseph Gray, AdSphere Awards founder and CEO of DRMetrix.  “Direct-to-consumer campaigns achieving this level of scale demonstrate consumer popularity and best-in-class creative and media execution.  The AdSphere Awards are the most inclusive award program for the entire direct-to-consumer industry recognizing nearly 70 honorees including all of our best-of-category award recipients.”

AdSphere monitors a universe of 130+ national networks on a 24/7/365 basis.  In just over five years, AdSphere has identified over 11,000 direct-to-consumer brands.  In addition to detecting over 495,000 infomercial (28.5 minute) airings, AdSphere has detected over 55 million spots of varying creative lengths up to five minutes in duration.  The awards recognize top brands across a wide range of industry categories representing all facets of the industry.  AdSphere segments campaigns across over 190 major categories and sub-categories. The complete list of AdSphere Award winners is online at www.drmetrix.com/adsphere-awards.html.

In addition to the “Best of Category” awards, the following top nine advertisers will receive the coveted AdSphere Award.

2020 AdSphere™ Award Winners – Top Nine Categories

1.           2019 – Advertiser of the Year
              Classification -Brand/Direct
2.           2019 – Brand of the Year
              Classification  Brand/Direct
3.           2019 – Advertiser & Brand of the Year
              Classification – Lead Generation
4.           2019 – Advertiser of the Year
              Classification – Short Form Products
              E. Mishan & Sons
5.           2019 – Brand of the Year
              Classification – Short Form Products
6.           2019 – Advertiser of the Year
              Classification – Long Form
              Guthy | Renker
7.           2019 – Brand of the Year
              Classification – Long Form
8.           2019 – Brand of the Year
              Classification – Long Form Retail Products
              Luminess Silk Infinite Beauty Collection
9.           2019 – Brand of the Year
              Classification – Short Form Retail Products
              GraniteStone / GraniteRock

About DRMetrix

DRMetrix, the industry’s leading television research company, monitors over 130 national TV networks 24/7/365, tracking direct-to-consumer ads using all creative lengths including spot, 5-min, and long-form which include web addresses, mobile app response, SMS, or toll free numbers.  For more information, please visit www.drmetrix.com and be sure and download our latest direct-to-consumer industry study!

New February 2020 Build

We are dripping some new features on top of the FEB 2020 build which we’ll outline at the top of this post.

4-9-2020 Update – All ranking excel outputs now feature nested details on tab two (see image below). The excel outputs will take a little longer to run but now include all creative level details including play buttons good for 30 days. Now, it’s easier than ever to share creative details! Applying various filters to the ranking report, saving your filter settings, and using our new email automation features, allow for all kinds of exciting reporting options. Checkout our new updated Adsphere User Guide for all of the details!

Zoom in to Enlarge Image

3-5-2020 Update – We have made some minor UI enhancements to the main ranking system and included totals for airings and spend in the header of all ranking reports. This will make it much easier to trend spend levels over time without having to output a ranking report and total sum the columns. Here’s how it looks:

Totals in Header Column

These totals have also been added to the header of all excel ranking reports (see below).

AdSphere’s user interface has been updated to work better across different screen resolutions on desktops as well as laptops. Support for tablets and eventually mobile devices is planned for later this year.

We are also pleased to introduce a new Dark Mode for AdSphere which replaces the prior black theme. This is a far more comprehensive graphic treatment that we hope will make AdSphere easier on the eyes for some.

Introducing Advertiser & Brand Lists

We are excited to bring forth a new game changing feature to AdSphere called “Lists” which allows one to create and save a custom list of advertisers or brands. When a saved list is applied to the ranking system, airings data will be filtered for just those specific advertisers or brands. Up to 100 brands or advertisers can be saved per list. There is no limit on the number of lists that can be created and shared with other AdSphere users on your company’s account.

In November of last year, AdSphere introduced a new network excel feature that maps the spend for all advertisers or brands on a ranking report across networks, dayparts, and programs. Now, by combining these two features, one can map the aggregated spend across a custom list of advertisers or brands. Multi-advertiser & brand analysis is now possible saving time and improving results!

Below please find a video tutorial showing how to create a custom list of advertisers or brands. You’ll also learn how to apply that list to the ranking system and run a custom network excel output!

Update to Global Search

When using Global Search in AdSphere, you can now put quotes around a search term or phrase to limit results to exact full word/phrase matches.

As an example, in the case of Copper Fit (without quotes) approximately 111 brands are returned that have some association with either the word Copper or Fit. In contrast, search for “Copper Fit” (with quotes) narrows the results down to just 17 brands with the exact phrase “Copper Fit” in the name.

With new builds, we’re always on the hunt for bugs. If you find anything that seems odd, please send a report to [email protected] Thank you in advance for your help!

Happy Holidays!


New AdSphere Build – 12-11-2019

A new build of AdSphere was pushed today with a short list of feature enhancements and bug fixes.

A new “System Status” button has been added to the top of the Homepage. There has always been a system status page, as part of the Adsphere blog, but now a red indicator will appear on this button indicating when there is a new system status message to read. With a single click, you will now be able to navigate to the system status page!

The Blog button also has this new feature and a red dot will appear whenever there is a new AdSphere blog post, such as this one. Once you click on a button with a red dot, the red dot will be removed in order to alert you in the future to new content.

The “What’s New” button is also fully dynamic now. Currently there is a red dot with a value of “6” that appears on this button. As you click any of the of the six selections under this button, the value in the red dot will decrement by one. After you have clicked on all six of these items, the red dot will be removed until such time as there are additional new items to review.

Sneak Preview of what’s coming next…

Later this month, we plan to release a new feature that will allow you to create custom “lists” of brands and/or advertisers as a new type of ranking system filter! One can then apply said “lists” just like any other filter to create a custom ranking report which will only include data from the brands or advertisers of your choice. You will be able to create individual lists of brands and advertisers and give each list a unique name. You will be able to share your “lists” with colleagues similar to how reports and filters are shared! Lists can be applied and saved with any other combination of filters using the SAVE FILTER feature. This will allow for the creation of special ranking reports which you can schedule to be automatically emailed. When combined with the existing network excel output, users will now be able to study any custom list of brands or advertisers to determine top performing networks, dayparts, and programs!

Lists will be a powerful new filter that will allow DRMetrix to bring forth brand comparison and other new exciting features!