New AdSphere Build released 6-21-17

We are pleased to release our latest build of AdSphere today.  As previously announced, this new build features a number of changes to our video playback features.

As a background, our current system retains copies of all commercial airings for 10 days.   This is how we are able to make airing level videos available within airing detail exports.  Previously, outside of airing detail exports, the system would always playback the original master of the commercial which typically dates back to the date of first airing.

With this new build, the system will playback a more recent captured sample of the creative provided there are airings within the last 10 days. Also, if you run a network level ranking report and/or if you are playing back creatives specific to a network, the system will playback a more recent airing from that particular network.  We’ve added the name of the network, date, and time of video capture during playback so you’ll always know these details.  (see below)


For network level creative playback, there may be situations where there are no recent airings for a particular creative/network.  In this case, the system will look across all networks within the last 10 days and play a recent sample from another network.  If no recent airings exist across any networks, the system will playback the original captured master of the commercial.

This new playback logic has been implemented across all exports which feature play links including airings detail, advertiser, and brand excel outputs.

Here’s an interesting new feature to try, if you filter results for a particular network, and request an excel output for any advertiser or brand, when you click the play buttons inside of the excel file the system will attempt to playback samples from the selected network first and foremost!

As with all new releases, we would appreciate your feedback and kindly do report any issues to [email protected]