Tuesday Update – 10/31/17

We released a minor build today to fix some issues with tracking & alerts.  Previously, there was an issue with email redirect with long form “1710 sec” alerts where the desired content wasn’t automatically loaded on the page.  This issue has been resolved.  Also, when running 28.5 minute reports and clicking on advertiser or brand links, the system will bring up the advertiser page on the long form tab by default.

We are currently working to track down some intermittent video playback issues that we’ve recently become aware of.  Thanks everyone for your continued feedback.

New AdSphere Build Released – 10/27/17

A new release was pushed today with a number of system refinements.  Most notable is an improvement to advertiser page load times which are much faster now!  We had an known issue where email alerts for new brands also included new creatives.   Now, when you select new brands, you’ll only get alerts when new brands are detected.   The prior known issues caused by the popular Google Chrome plugin ‘Adblock’ have been resolved.   As the AdSphere database has grown, we have had to modify some functionality to retain performance levels.  One recent refinement is to only allow up to 5 categories to be selected when running lifetime ranking reports.  Our new global search and advertiser pages also present details in lifetime making it easy to get a lifetime view of any advertiser, brand, or creative.

We’re currently working on improving our tracking & alerts functionality so that users may limit alerts to specific brand classifications for both category and network alerts.  We hope everyone is enjoying these new features and we look forward to your feedback!



Tuesday 10/17/17 Update

As a new feature, Tracking & Alerts is going through some growing pains.  One initial issue had to do with the reporting of new advertisers and related brands on the daily emails.  We believe this issue is now resolved.  For those running new brand category alerts, we know the system is reporting new creatives too.  We are working to fix this presently.  Also, we noticed an issue this morning that caused some existing creatives to be reported as new.  The team is working hard to resolve all of these issues.  We hope to have the system fine tuned within the next few days.


It was bound to happen eventually and now that the database is at nearly 23 million records, it has grown too large to support Lifetime ranking reports.  It is recommended not to use the Lifetime selection under date filter.  In a few days, the lifetime option will be removed and ranking reports will be limited to date ranges of 1 year or less.    We will still allow Lifetime ranking reports to be run for a smaller selection of categories.  Our new global search will continue to search across lifetime and will provide lifetime results for all brands and creatives on advertiser pages.

Our team is currently working to optimize load times on advertiser pages with a large number of brands.

Friday 10-6-17 Update

New build was released today with new Tracking & Alerts feature!

A bug was discovered mid-day causing AdSphere to crash when users try to play videos from advertiser pages.  This will be fixed by Monday AM.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Also, the issue where users in Las Vegas are unable to connect to AdSphere through the Cox network is still an active and open issue.  We hope to have a resolution soon.



Wed Update – 10/4/17

A couple of interesting things to report today:

Advertiser Lifetime rankings are not working presently. Please avoid lifetime advertiser ranking reports while we research the issue.   At over 22 million airing records, we may have to limit lifetime reports given the time that it’s taking to process.  We should have a resolution in the next few days

Of all the crazy things, Adsphere is not currently accessible from Las Vegas, Nevada from the Cox Network which is less than perfect timing for the ERA show!  This is related to a routing issue that is only affecting this market and only from one or more routing IP addresses used by Cox.  They are a major ISP in this market so we are working hard to get to the bottom of this issue.  This is not a Cox issue per say, but it seems to only affect hotel Wi-Fi and the Cox network overall but only from Las Vegas. We hope to have this resolved soon and apologize for any inconvenience.  Mobile networks like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T all work fine from Vegas to reach Adsphere so please give your mobile hotspot a try!