Thursday 4/19/18 Update

New version of Chrome was released recently causing a problem when users click the play button from AdSphere™ created excel files.  These issues appear to be related to a change Google made in an admirable attempt to block annoying video ads from auto-running on websites with sound.   A minor annoyance causing our users to have to click to unmute our videos when played from the excel links.  We should either have a work around in place soon which may be just bringing up the video where the user will be required to click the play button to start it.  That would be preferred over the current auto-playing without sound.  (more to follow)

UPDATE:  Google released a new version of Chrome on 5/1/18 that appears to have resolved the issue above.  When clicking the play link in AdSphere™ excel outputs, videos are auto-playing once more with sound.  Thanks Google for fixing the issue!

New AdSphere™ Build to be released week of 4-23-18


AdSphere™ is now faster than ever.  

You may have noticed faster login times from our last release which has been expanded to include quicker load times for the HOME tab as well as for default brand and advertiser rankings.

Checkout our new DPi flag…

DPi signals allow DRMetrix to segment airings between two types of national cable ad breaks.   Networks have been flagged which have local ad breaks and where DRMetrix receives DPi signaling.  The DPi flag graphic has also been added to the downloadable Network List in AdSphere™.  To learn more about DPi signaling, please click here.

New User Guide

The AdSphere™ user guide has been updated.  Given all the new features we’ve released over the past few months, the user guide has doubled in size.  Please grab a copy to go over some of the new features such as tracking & alerts, network log view, and many others.  Click the USER GUIDE link at the top right on the HOME tab of AdSphere™ to download your copy today!   For those of you interested in isolating Per Inquiry schedules, you’ll find this section has been updated to take advantage of our new DPi flags!

Enhancements to Network Log View

If you know the date you wish to research, now you can quickly choose any media day making navigation easier and faster!  The separate media year, week, and day drop downs are now optional to use.  As a helpful addition, you can now see the date when AdSphere™ began monitoring any chosen network.  In the example below, you can see that A&E was added on 08/04/2014 to make you aware that airings prior to this date are not available in the network log view.

In addition to the new calendar date picker, you can now choose between Filtered Results or All airings view (see below).  This is helpful in situations where you may wish to bring both short form and 28.5 minute airings into a single view.  As another example, let’s say you have set brand classification filter to 300 second spots before navigating to network log view.  The system would normally only show you 300 second airings but now  you can click to see ALL airings which will ignore your filter settings and bring 100% of airings captured by AdSphere™ into the view.  In the all view you will see all airings for the brand classifications: Short Form Products, Lead Generation, Brand/DR, and 28.5 minute.  Now you can filter the results in the  network log view results using any of the AdSphere™ filters with the option to remove the filters and show all airings without having to change your filter settings and/or leave the network log view.

Airing Analysis Enhancements

We really appreciate the input from our wonderful customers.  Because of your suggestions, we’ve added a new Dayparts tab, which maps the airings for any creative or brand across 6 standardized dayparts.   When looking at data for a singular network, Adsphere™ uses that network’s DR dayparts.  However, because DR dayparts are not universal, when visualizing data across all networks the best we can do is to create standardized dayparts in addition to our existing Hour of Day view.  We’re looking for feedback and would love to have your thoughts and suggestions for further refinements.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find some new columns breaking out national airing and local airing counts for each network.  Additionally, a new Excel report is available that will allow you to export all of the summary network and nested creative details for any brand or creative including clickable play links.

Tab 1 “Networks” will display the summary network counts, based on your filter settings, for any brand/creative and time frame.

Tab 2 – “Creatives” will provide all nested creative summary detail by network including clickable play buttons which are good for 30 days.   If the specific creative has aired on the network within the last 10 days, the play button will play back a sample airing from that network.  Otherwise, the system will revert to playing a recent airing from another network and/or play an older version of the ad known as the “master’ which was captured when AdSphere™ first registered the creative.


Thursday 4-12-18 Update

7:35AM update – It appears that our ISP was successful in resolving their CISCO router issue which was causing issues yesterday.  Our systems have been catching up over the past few hours and we estimate they are 30-40% caught up at this hour.  We expect within 24 hours that we’ll be back to normal operations and airings from yesterday that were delayed will all be properly accounted for and available in the system.

We had one report of videos that were not playing properly for a client yesterday.  It appears some geographic locations were having trouble playing videos yesterday while others were fine.  We understand that when the router issue was fixed this morning that this particular client was able to play our videos fine again.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Wednesday 4-11-18 Update

DRMetrix began experiencing a network connectivity issue between our video capture servers and the ACR matching servers at AWS Cloud due to some kind of ISP related issue.   Temporarily, our systems will be unable to report airing detections.  This issue began in the early AM on 4/11/2018.   Network engineers are currently working on this issue.  We anticipate the problem will be resolved soon but it will take DRMetrix’s systems a couple of days to catch up and process all of the prior and current airing detections before returning to normal.  We don’t believe any airings data will be compromised due to these issues but we do expect reporting delays affecting airings from 4/11/2018 onward until the system catches up which we anticipate will take 2-3 days.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank everyone for their understanding and patience.

Update 4/11/18 8:19PM – Issues apparently related to problem with Cisco Router at ISP.  Our ISP assures us that Cisco will be on the scene morning of 4/12/18.    Hopefully we’ll have a quick resolution and update in the morning.