New AdSphere Build – 10/25/16

The new “Sprint 13” build of AdSphere is being released to production today.   “13” is a lucky number in our family as my oldest was born on the 13th day of December.  🙂

I do hope everyone received the heads up email I sent out previously regarding the new EULA “End User License Agreement“.  In this new build, users will be greeted with the EULA the first time they login.  The EULA is only shown to the user one time but agreeing to the terms is mandatory before proceeding to access the system.  You can click the link above to review the terms and conditions.  Please contact [email protected] should you have any concerns.

The “My Reports” tab was completely redesigned as an overlay.   It will appear over the top of whatever page you happen to be on when you click the “My Reports” tab.   Click to download any of your reports and then close the overlay to resume where you left off.  (Overall, a much nicer experience!)  We are also introducing a new file naming scheme which makes it easier to identify all of the reports that you run.  You can also see the file size now before downloading.  We’ve also made it easier to select and delete multiple files in the My Reports tab.

We hope you enjoy the latest build!  Please email [email protected] if you encounter any issues!




Weekend Update – 10/8/2016

Our development team fixed a few bugs over the weekend.  We hope that everyone enjoys all of the features of the new build in the coming week.   Please report any issues you may discover by sending an email to [email protected]

When choosing broadcast week for airing detail outputs, there is an issue where some data may be missing.  Please choose the “calendar” output option as a temporary workaround.  We hope to resolve this issue by Monday.

Here’s what’s coming in the new few weeks:

The My Reports feature will be improved in several ways.  We will be reintroducing this feature as an overlay which will appear over your current work area.  You’ll be able to click to download any of your excel reports and then close the overlay and continue where you left off without losing your place.  The excel file names that will appear in the My Reports tab will feature more descriptive names so if you are requesting multiple files it will be easier to distinguish them from one another.

Across the 15,000 and growing number of DRTV creatives in the AdSphere database, we want to make it easier for you to find more of what you are looking for.  So, we’ll be adding creative length and response type filters.  This will allow you to filter results to see, different creative lengths (5 minute spots for example) that feature any combination of toll free numbers, SMS Codes, Mobile App Response, or web addresses.

We have an endless backlog of features that we’ll be bringing to AdSphere over the coming months.  As we get closer, we’ll be announcing what’s coming next right here in the AdSphere blog!