New Features coming in June

As we gear up for the 2017 Response Expo and inaugural Adsphere Awards, we wanted to thank everyone for your continued support.  Here’s a quick update on what to expect in terms of new AdSphere features in June.

Based on client feedback, we are bringing a variety of minor enhancements to AdSphere.  For example, network counts will now be summarized on the airing detail page.

In terms of major new features, we are overhauling our commercial playback feature.  When you click on a play button, the system will present the ‘most recent’ airing video (assuming there has been a recent airing of the creative in the last 10 days).   Also, if you are drilling down to play buttons at the network level, the system will play the most recent airing video from that particular network.  For current week and last week views, the system will always present the most recent airing video!  Now you don’t have to generate an airings detail output to play the most recent airing level videos.

We hope everyone has a great time at the Response Expo.  Please drop by the DRMetrix booth #409 at 2PM on Wednesday 4/26 for our inaugural AdSphere Awards!  Also, see you at the closing night party sponsored by the AdSphere Awards