New AdSphere Build Released – 12/19/17

Just in time for the holidays, we have a new AdSphere release!

Heading into 2018, DRMetrix is building out contact details for advertisers!  With this new release, you will begin to notice contact details on some advertiser pages.  In the example, below, you’ll find contact information and social media links for SharkNinja Operating Company as well as key contacts at the company.  If you click the arrow button shown on the far right of the picture below, you can toggle through different company contacts.


We are actively working to research all of the advertisers in the AdSphere database to provide similar detail over time.  This project will take us a number of months to complete and is sure to keep us busy in 2018!  At this time, we have researched and created profiles for over 180 advertisers and 459 contacts.  You can expect hundreds more to be completed in the coming weeks.  We will soon be adding features so that our users can even give us feedback on data.   If we are unable to determine who the advertiser is for any creative, we will ask our AdSphere user community for assistance.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and participation as we build out this important new feature!  We are excited to be the first company to build out a comprehensive database for the industry!

Tracking & Alerts

You can now schedule both daily and weekly email reports.  Now you don’t have to choose.  You can receive both a daily and a weekly synopsis of new brands and/or creatives!


Multi-Brand Classification 

Now you can run reports for any combination of short form brand classifications.  Want to run a report to rank all Lead Generation and Brand/DR campaigns?  No problem!  Try it out today.

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holidays and has an amazing New Year’s celebration!


New AdSphere Build Released – 11/15/17

We’re excited to bring new features to AdSphere in this current release.   When running brand ranking reports, you’ll see clickable boxes which allow you to select up to 100 brands across the pages of any singular ranking report.  After making your choices, you can click to create an excel output which will include all creatives for the brands chosen based on your filter settings.  We’ve had a lot of requests for this feature and we’re thrilled to finally bring it to you.  Stay tuned as we’ll be using the multi-brand selection solution for other exciting reports in the near future!  Here’s a video that will show you how this new feature works.

Update to tracking & alerts.

For category and network tracking, you can now limit your alerts to any combination of four brand classifications including “28.5 minute” and/or “Short Form Products” and/or “Lead Generation” and/or Brand/Direct.

Update to creative ‘first’ and ‘last date’ of airing.

When you are analyzing creatives details at the network level, the date of first and last airing are now specific to the network.

For example, here’s a screen shot of YTD Proactive creatives that have run on Teen Nick.  The dates show for First Aired and Last Aired for each creative are specific now to Teen Nick.  When you click the play button, provided Teen Nick has an airing of the chosen creative within the last 10 days, the most recent airing from Teen Nick will be played.  If Teen Nick doesn’t have any airings in the past 10 days, then the system will play a recent airing from another network, if available.  If no network has an airing in the past 10 days, the system will play the original master video captured by AdSphere.

Big News is coming!

Some of you may have noticed that new networks are starting to show up in AdSphere.  This is a work in progress and more are coming.  When we finish setting up the current batch of networks, we’ll make an official announcement with all of the details.  In the interim, you can click on the network list in AdSphere to keep track of the new networks as they are added.

Note:  For the broadcast diginets being added, DRMetrix is only reporting on national airings and only on airings of existing creatives in our registration database.  In other words, if a new brand is testing on any of the diginets, and the creative has never run on any of the other 100+ networks that DRMetrix monitors, we are not detecting or reporting these new creatives.  This is temporary as we work out some technical issues.  We will be detecting all new creatives on these networks soon which will appear in your tracking & alerts!  More details will follow as we complete this current network expansion.  (FOLLOW UP:  New creatives are now being detected on all new networks!)

If you happen to find any bugs in this latest release, please email [email protected]

New AdSphere Build Released – 10/27/17

A new release was pushed today with a number of system refinements.  Most notable is an improvement to advertiser page load times which are much faster now!  We had an known issue where email alerts for new brands also included new creatives.   Now, when you select new brands, you’ll only get alerts when new brands are detected.   The prior known issues caused by the popular Google Chrome plugin ‘Adblock’ have been resolved.   As the AdSphere database has grown, we have had to modify some functionality to retain performance levels.  One recent refinement is to only allow up to 5 categories to be selected when running lifetime ranking reports.  Our new global search and advertiser pages also present details in lifetime making it easy to get a lifetime view of any advertiser, brand, or creative.

We’re currently working on improving our tracking & alerts functionality so that users may limit alerts to specific brand classifications for both category and network alerts.  We hope everyone is enjoying these new features and we look forward to your feedback!



New AdSphere Build Released – 9/8/17

We are pleased to announce some new exciting features that are coming to AdSphere today.

With more than 27,000 creatives, 6,800 brands, and 3,800 advertisers in the AdSphere database, finding what you’re looking is now easier than ever.

Introducing AdSphere’s new Global Search & Advertiser Pages!

Please click here for a short video walk through of these powerful new features.

We have even more exciting new features planned to debut at the upcoming ERA – D2C Convention in Las Vegas.  DRMetrix will be exhibiting October 4-5 at booth #309.  To schedule an appointment to visit with a member of our team at the show, please click here.  Please bring a colleague or two with you!

New SAVE FILTER feature coming in July

Our team is working to deliver a new SAVE FILTER feature, by the end of July, which will allow for the creation and saving of custom filter sets!  Each custom filter you create will support any combination of filters and/or search term.  Once you create a custom filter, it will be available for you to recall at any time.

Stay tuned for other big feature announcements as we have a lot more planned this year including a new powerful global search feature, advertiser pages, push notifications and more!   We are also currently working on expanding our infrastructure to support more networks.  Stay tuned for some exciting announcements on that front.

On behalf of all of us at DRMetrix, thank you for your continued support!

New AdSphere Build released 6-21-17

We are pleased to release our latest build of AdSphere today.  As previously announced, this new build features a number of changes to our video playback features.

As a background, our current system retains copies of all commercial airings for 10 days.   This is how we are able to make airing level videos available within airing detail exports.  Previously, outside of airing detail exports, the system would always playback the original master of the commercial which typically dates back to the date of first airing.

With this new build, the system will playback a more recent captured sample of the creative provided there are airings within the last 10 days. Also, if you run a network level ranking report and/or if you are playing back creatives specific to a network, the system will playback a more recent airing from that particular network.  We’ve added the name of the network, date, and time of video capture during playback so you’ll always know these details.  (see below)


For network level creative playback, there may be situations where there are no recent airings for a particular creative/network.  In this case, the system will look across all networks within the last 10 days and play a recent sample from another network.  If no recent airings exist across any networks, the system will playback the original captured master of the commercial.

This new playback logic has been implemented across all exports which feature play links including airings detail, advertiser, and brand excel outputs.

Here’s an interesting new feature to try, if you filter results for a particular network, and request an excel output for any advertiser or brand, when you click the play buttons inside of the excel file the system will attempt to playback samples from the selected network first and foremost!

As with all new releases, we would appreciate your feedback and kindly do report any issues to [email protected]

Minor AdSphere Build released today 5-24-17

In this minor release, issues with the search feature, and with pagination, which have caused some display issues (including showing duplicates in results) have been resolved.  Also, some issues have been identified and fixed with regard to the active/inactive filters that were sometimes showing the wrong status.  Other minor tweaks to performance have been made.  We are working presently on stabilizing the system and fixing minor issues before moving on to new major features throughout the summer!

Thanks everyone for your continued support.

 New Features coming in June

As we gear up for the 2017 Response Expo and inaugural Adsphere Awards, we wanted to thank everyone for your continued support.  Here’s a quick update on what to expect in terms of new AdSphere features in June.

Based on client feedback, we are bringing a variety of minor enhancements to AdSphere.  For example, network counts will now be summarized on the airing detail page.

In terms of major new features, we are overhauling our commercial playback feature.  When you click on a play button, the system will present the ‘most recent’ airing video (assuming there has been a recent airing of the creative in the last 10 days).   Also, if you are drilling down to play buttons at the network level, the system will play the most recent airing video from that particular network.  For current week and last week views, the system will always present the most recent airing video!  Now you don’t have to generate an airings detail output to play the most recent airing level videos.

We hope everyone has a great time at the Response Expo.  Please drop by the DRMetrix booth #409 at 2PM on Wednesday 4/26 for our inaugural AdSphere Awards!  Also, see you at the closing night party sponsored by the AdSphere Awards