System Status – 8/18/20

Airings data is delayed today due to an issue with some new ETL code that was deployed yesterday evening.  There have been isolated occurrences of our ETL crashing and causing data delays so our team has redesigned aspects of the ETL software to address such issues.  Yesterday’s deployment of the new code base ran into an issue very early in the AM.  The issue was documented and a software patch was created to address.  The system is currently playing catch up.  We assume it will be back to normal before end of day.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

8/19/20 Update at 7AM PT – The ETL is still playing catch up after completing importing all of the airings through end of calendar day 8/18.  Taking longer than expected to catch up.  More details to follow.

8/19/20 Update at 7:50PM PT – ETL is almost caught up at this hour.  The new ETL code seems to be working well!

System Status – 8/11/20

Yesterday’s storms across the East Coast have taken a toll on some of the OTA (Over the Air) stations we monitor for broadcast digital networks such as Antenna TV.  The signals from more than one broadcast station across the region have been disrupted due to the storms and damage to equipment and broadcast antennas in some markets.  It may take a few days for us to get Antenna TV back on the air .  More information as it becomes available.

8/12  Update – Antenna TV is back online.  Grit and This TV are currently offline also due to storm damage.  Expect these will be back online in the next few days.  More details to follow.

8/13  Update – It appears that Grit and This TV are also back online.  As the region recovers from the recent storm damage, we’re hoping there will be no further interruptions in signal.

System Status – 8/4/20

1:49AM ET – The ETL which updates DRMetrix’s airing database had a hiccup and is running about 8 hours behind at the present time.  Airings are being delayed getting into the AdSphere and AVS databases.  We expect the issue to be resolved shortly and the ETL will be in catch up mode for the remainder of the day.  This should not impact any of the data but will delay it’s reporting in our system today.  We apologize for any inconvenience.