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AdSphere’s Upcoming February Release!

Happy New Year everyone!   My family and I had an awesome time over the holidays visiting Australia.  I took a video of the firework celebration out on Sydney Harbor to share.  Please click here to watch it!

As you know, this is the place to come to get all the latest AdSphere insight and I’m excited to share some of the details with you!   We are hard at work on a major new release for AdSphere.  We’ve decided to hold off until February in order to include some additional features.

Our software has been redesigned over the last couple of months to be fully dynamic and our development team has made amazing progress.  This means our software can now support very customized reporting as well as advanced filters.  As an example, you will be able to choose a custom start and end date for reports.  So if you wanted to see rankings for the last two or three weeks in one aggregated view, you can!  We will also be introducing real time rankings which will allow you to view AdSphere data for the current week!

Several new filters will make their debut in the upcoming build:

Response Type Filter – Now you can filter for creatives that use any combination of phone, web, SMS/text, and mobile app.  You can apply AND/OR logic so if you only wanted to see creatives that use Mobile App AND SMS, you could do that, assuming there are any.  🙂

Creative Length Filter – Now you can filter for any short form spot lengths.  If you wanted to see all 2-5 minutes spots that ran this week, no problem!  How about 5 minute spots with mobile app response?  It will be fun to play with all of the combinations of these amazing new filters!

Network Filter – Now you will be able to filter Adsphere data down to a single network.  Want to see all 5 minute spots that have run this week on CNN with Mobile App Response?  Want to see which campaigns are placing stress on a network’s inventory causing low clearances?  The possibilities are endless.

New Creatives/Brands/Advertiser Filter – Now you’ll be able to filter for all of the new creatives, or brands, or advertisers for any time frame.  If you want to see “new” brands or advertisers running “5 minute” creatives this week with “Mobile App” response on “CNN” all of these filters working together will be able to create such a report.  New dynamic reporting from AdSphere makes all of this possible!

Wait there’s more!  As exciting as our next release is going to be, just wait until you see what we’re adding to AdSphere in time for the DRMA Show end of April!