New AdSphere Build – 11-28-2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

DRMetrix pushed a new AdSphere build today which mainly focuses on system stability and bug fixes. We have also changed how we refer to DPI ad breaks in AdSphere. In many places, we previously referred to DPI ad breaks as “local DPI” or just “local” throughout the system and in various excel reports. In this new build, you will only see the term “DPI” which refers to airings detected in the DPI ad breaks on the networks. We have removed the term “local” as it has created too much confusion over the years.

If you are not familiar with DPI ad breaks, we encourage you to click on this link to learn more. You will discover that DRMetrix is the first television research provider that monitors commercial grade network feeds in a DPI compliant manner and what this means.

Previous to this change, DRMetrix found that many users were confusing “local breaks” and “local” to mean local market MVPD airings. Although we would try to explain that these terms refer to “local DPI ad breaks” on the networks, confusion remained. In an attempt to communicate more clearly, DRMetrix will standardize on the term “DPI” or “DPI ad break”. You will notice in all excel outputs where the term “local” was used previously, that the column headers will now simply read “DPI”. Also, instead of denoting DPI breaks with “L” in our excel outputs, we will pass the value “D” short for DPI. National ad breaks will continue to use “N”.

System Status – 11/24/19

DRMetrix is updating Q3 rates to “actuals” today. To learn more about this process, which takes place once a quarter, please click here and review the section “Projected Rates vs. Actuals”. The ETL was paused on Sunday 11/24 at 3:50PM ET. Reporting will be delayed until the ETL is back online and caught up. Our goal is to have things back to normal by 3AM ET Monday 11/25.

System Status – 11/18/19

DRMetrix’s ETL went offline yesterday and the system will be behind today processing airings as it catches up. As of 6:56AM PST the system is running a few hours behind in reporting airings. Will advise as more information becomes available.

Update at 3:35PM EST. – Progress is being made but the ETL is still about 13 hours behind. We estimate it will be caught up in the next 2 – 6 hours and back on proper schedule.

System Status – 11/8/19

Our network signal provider has scheduled a maintenance window from 12A – 5A the morning of 11/8/2019 which will cause network feeds to be offline. We’re told this is a worse case estimate of the maintenance window and that it will hopefully be for a lesser duration. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update at 9:18AM. – This morning’s maintenance window was 2-2.5 hours in total off and on through the 5 hour planned period.