Happy Holidays!


New AdSphere Build – 12-11-2019

A new build of AdSphere was pushed today with a short list of feature enhancements and bug fixes.

A new “System Status” button has been added to the top of the Homepage. There has always been a system status page, as part of the Adsphere blog, but now a red indicator will appear on this button indicating when there is a new system status message to read. With a single click, you will now be able to navigate to the system status page!

The Blog button also has this new feature and a red dot will appear whenever there is a new AdSphere blog post, such as this one. Once you click on a button with a red dot, the red dot will be removed in order to alert you in the future to new content.

The “What’s New” button is also fully dynamic now. Currently there is a red dot with a value of “6” that appears on this button. As you click any of the of the six selections under this button, the value in the red dot will decrement by one. After you have clicked on all six of these items, the red dot will be removed until such time as there are additional new items to review.

Sneak Preview of what’s coming next…

Later this month, we plan to release a new feature that will allow you to create custom “lists” of brands and/or advertisers as a new type of ranking system filter! One can then apply said “lists” just like any other filter to create a custom ranking report which will only include data from the brands or advertisers of your choice. You will be able to create individual lists of brands and advertisers and give each list a unique name. You will be able to share your “lists” with colleagues similar to how reports and filters are shared! Lists can be applied and saved with any other combination of filters using the SAVE FILTER feature. This will allow for the creation of special ranking reports which you can schedule to be automatically emailed. When combined with the existing network excel output, users will now be able to study any custom list of brands or advertisers to determine top performing networks, dayparts, and programs!

Lists will be a powerful new filter that will allow DRMetrix to bring forth brand comparison and other new exciting features!