System Status – 12/24/20

DRMetrix had a network capture server fail from 12/22/20 at 18:00 ET to 12/23/20 at 18:00 ET impacting 7 networks. Airing detections on the following networks were impacted: Viceland, History Channel, Science, USA Network, VH-1, WGN Superstation, and Women’s Entertainment. Systems that are in place to monitor and alert our team to such failures did not work as expected in this instance. We have investigated the cause and are making changes to these systems to help mitigate future occurrences. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

System Status – 12/13/20

On 12/10 at 8am EST there was an outage impacting some Viacom networks caused by a satellite receiver issue. The outage was resolved by 9:30am EST. DRMetrix’s break type (DPI) signaling was also impacted and not fully restored until 9AM EST today. This will impact DPI break type flagging for this period of time on the following networks: BET, MTV2, Nickelodeon, TVLand, and Nick-At-Night. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

DRMetrix Expands AVS™ Service

Following the success of it’s AdSphere™ research system, DRMetrix has been introducing a host of new features for its airing verification service known as “AVS”.

Unlike AdSphere™, AVS™ can be used to track airings for brand as well as direct-to-consumer campaigns.

Agencies and advertisers are finding AVS™ to be the most cost effective solution for tracking airings across 130+ national cable networks.  Airings data can be pulled down on a near real-time basis by integrating with the AVS™ API and/or agencies can pull down airings into media buying systems such as CORE on a daily basis.  AVS™ has recently integrated with Core Connect to completely automate the process.

AVS™ allows users to subscribe to their own campaigns as well as competitive campaigns. A built in custom report generator allows users to create individual outputs for different team members.  If an agency team is working on a particular account, they can receive airings data delivered for that campaign, as well as key competitive campaigns, on a daily and/or weekly basis.  The user interface of AVS™ is incredibly easy to use allowing different team members to login and setup their own outputs without requiring IT support.

AVS™ is capable of reporting the “break type” for each airing detected on national cable networks allowing agencies to differentiate between national and local “DPI” break airings.  For compatibility, users can assign their own network codes by network and break type.  This eliminates the traditional requirement to pay for two encodings to separate airings by break type.  In fact, AVS™ doesn’t require creative encoding so there is no costly requirement to replace air tapes in order to test drive the AVS™ service!

As part of a suite of automation tools, agencies can use the new AVS™ creative upload feature to have their creatives pre-registered before going to air.  This way, airings data is immediately available.  Users can also assign ISCI codes, unique creative names, and more as part of their creative submission.

Last, but certainly not least, DRMetrix launched a new BI tool called AVS™ Dashboards.  Now, in addition to pulling down airings data, AVS™ users can visualize airings data across multiple brand-campaigns and share the interactive reporting with colleagues and clients.  Unlike expensive BI tools such as Tableau, Microsoft BI, etc., the use of AVS™ dashboards is completely free and agencies can setup as many dashboards as they desire to share internally and/or with third parties.  The framework designed for AVS™ dashboards can be completely customized by users on a fee basis.  This is a great solution for agencies or anyone who wishes to customize their own BI solution building on DRMetrix’s existing AVS™ dashboard framework.

To learn more about the new AVS™ Dashboard offering, please click to watch the video below.

For clients interested in using AVS data with Google Data Studio, DRMetrix has created the DRMetrix AVS™ Connector. Information on how to use the new connector can be found by clicking here.

Existing AdSphere™ subscribers have access to a free tier of AVS™ which allows them to monitor unlimited creatives for up to 20 brand-campaigns a year.  If users require more, they can purchase additional brand-campaign subscriptions as needed.  Rather than charging by creative, DRMetrix charges a yearly fee of either $250 or $150 for each additional brand-campaign subscription which includes reporting for unlimited creatives for 12 months.  At the $250 rate, users can switch monitoring from one brand-campaign to another at any time throughout the year.  At $150 the monitoring is limited to a single brand-campaign for 12 months.  Over the course of the year, whether a brand/campaign launches one or dozens of new creatives, all are covered under one low yearly fee.

If you would like to learn more about AVS™, or AVS Dashboards™, please contact DRMetrix at [email protected]

System Update – 12/2/20

We updated the media rates for Q3 from Standard Media Index and the system fell behind processing all of the rate updates. Airings are delayed getting into AdSphere and AVS by about 9 hours as of 3pm ET today. We expect the system to catch up by the end of today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Together at last… Aggregating short & long form spend in AdSphere.

It’s been a long time coming. With our latest AdSphere build, 28.5 minute airings will be treated as any other format allowing users to rollup total airings and spend by brand. Similar to other creative lengths, you’ll also be able to filter 28.5 minute creatives by product, lead generation, and brand/DR classifications. Instead of having separate brand classification sections for short and long form, there will instead be a single Brand Classification button as shown here.

When you open up the Brand Classification menu, this is what you’ll now see. All creative lengths have been unified and may now be selected which is the new default in AdSphere.

One of the things we love the most is that you can now bring all of the short and long form airings & spend together in a single view. Users won’t need to create separate short and long form reports anymore! For example, if you want a single report showing all new short and long form brands, this will now be possible. Gone are the days of having to view short and long form creatives separately.

If you would prefer to exclude long form airings, all you’ll need to do is open up the brand classification filter and unclick the 28.5m format.

For retailers using Adsphere™, they’ll be able to receive a single weekly excel output showing the aggregated spend for each ASONTV brand which will include both its short and long form spend.

We look forward to your feedback! Feel free to comment here or send an email to [email protected]

System Update – 10/25/20

Over the past week, a couple of issues were brought to DRMetrix’s attention by a couple of our clients, which we greatly appreciate! Based on their feedback, we were able to isolate and correct an error that was made back in July that caused DRMetrix to misreport some airings in national ad breaks as running in DPI ad breaks. These errors going back to Q3 have been corrected in the AdSphere™ database. We were also able to correct some Q3 rate anomalies on ABC, Golf, and ESPN Deportes where the valuation of certain dayparts was too high. We have put some additional safeguards in place to prevent this from happening in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate the helpful feedback from those clients who brought these issues to our attention.

System Update – 10/6/2020

Our detections for Qubo, ION, and ION life were offline today between 10a to 5p EST due to more broadcast tower work being performed by one of our monitored broadcast affiliates.  We hope they have finished with their repairs and that these over-the-air broadcast digital networks will be back online and stable for the foreseeable future.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


System Status – 10/3/2020

What a happy Saturday it is!  Checked the remaining 9 networks that were still behind on data processing and all of them seem to be caught up this morning.  Airing data pulls through 10/2 for media week 40 should be complete at this time.  We wish to thank you all again for your patience and understanding over the past few days.