Together at last… Aggregating short & long form spend in AdSphere.

It’s been a long time coming. With our latest AdSphere build, 28.5 minute airings will be treated as any other format allowing users to rollup total airings and spend by brand. Similar to other creative lengths, you’ll also be able to filter 28.5 minute creatives by product, lead generation, and brand/DR classifications. Instead of having separate brand classification sections for short and long form, there will instead be a single Brand Classification button as shown here.

When you open up the Brand Classification menu, this is what you’ll now see. All creative lengths have been unified and may now be selected which is the new default in AdSphere.

One of the things we love the most is that you can now bring all of the short and long form airings & spend together in a single view. Users won’t need to create separate short and long form reports anymore! For example, if you want a single report showing all new short and long form brands, this will now be possible. Gone are the days of having to view short and long form creatives separately.

If you would prefer to exclude long form airings, all you’ll need to do is open up the brand classification filter and unclick the 28.5m format.

For retailers using Adsphere™, they’ll be able to receive a single weekly excel output showing the aggregated spend for each ASONTV brand which will include both its short and long form spend.

We look forward to your feedback! Feel free to comment here or send an email to [email protected]