January 2023 – Build

Happy New Year everyone! We are excited to finally release our latest AdSphere build. We’ve added “QR Code” under response types which allows one to filter for these types of campaigns.

When testing the use of QR codes, marketers are able to add or remove them from creatives on the fly. For this reason, DRMetrix had to build a solution that would audit for the presence of a QR code at the airing level. Because DRMetrix is monitoring networks in SD (standard definition), the accuracy of our QR code reader will improve later this year when DRMetrix switches to HD (high definition) monitoring. In the interim, there will be some airings where a QR code is present but not necessarily detected. To insure that all reported QR code airings are of the highest confidence, DRMetrix will only report airings where both a QR code is detected as well as the encoded URL.

The goal in this early phase, is to provide a conservative estimate of airings and spend where DRMetrix has detected the presence of QR codes with a high level of confidence. It was also important to implement a solution where one could playback the QR code version of a creative. To accomplish this, DRMetrix began saving the most recent QR code version of each creative. For older QR code creatives, that were discontinued before this feature was implemented, DRMetrix will not have video playback of the QR code version of the creative. Instead, the system may only be able to playback a version of the creative without the QR code. That said, users will be able to use DRMetrix’s airing level video thumbnails to see the QR code implementation in many cases.

For questions, or to report any bugs, please email support@drmetrix.com.