System Update – 11/30/18

12:08PM EST

We have been alerted to issues occuring in AdSphere where reports are not running properly and error messages are being thrown.  We have alerted our technical teams and they are in the process of troubleshooting.  It may be an issue with the database server and hopefully it can be resolved quickly.

More details to follow.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

1:00PM EST

System are back to normal after reboot of SQL and production servers.  Underlying causes for initial problem are still being investigated.

New AdSphere Build – 9-27-2018

A new build has been released today with a few new features.


You’ll find a new download icon to the bottom left of the DRMetrix Video Player (as shown below) which will download an .MP4 version of the video to your computer.

Please only click the download button once.  Then look at the bottom of your browser where you should see the file downloading (as shown below).  If you click the video download icon multiple times, you are instructing your browser to download the file multiple times which will count against your monthly download limit.

When the file is fully downloaded a little down arrow will appear.  Click the arrow and a menu will open.  It is recommended that you choose ‘Show in folder’ so that you know which directory on your computer the file has been downloaded to.  This will be helpful should you wish to email or access the file in the future.  On most computers, there is a dedicated download folder configured for such files although users can change the default download directory at will.  If you need additional assistance, please contact your company technical support or email [email protected]

To prevent abuse, there is a monthly per user limit of 100 downloads a month.  We recommend using the cloud based link sharing in situations where a hard copy download is not required.  There are no limits with the cloud based link sharing.  For example, the ‘copy to clipboard’ icon on the button right of the video player (see below) allows you to copy the video link for any video which you can then share by pasting the link into any email or document.  The cloud based links expire after 30 days.



If you’ve ever found the light blue fonts hard to read in AdSphere then this feature is for you!  From the home tab of AdSphere, you’ll find a toggle switch located at the top right of the page.  You can toggle between our original theme and the new Black theme.  It’s easy to switch back and forth so give it a try!


The new black theme darkens all of the font colors making them easier to read and also toggles the light blue font to a dark underlined font which now denotes where the hyperlinks are located.  As you can see, the Brand, Advertiser, and Airing links are all underlined meaning you can click them to be redirected to the appropriate page.



Existing ADMN users please take note.  You can now elevate users to the role of ASSISTANT ADMN so they can help you administer the AdSphere Account.  Once you elevate any user to this role, they will receive an email notifying them with instructions.

The process to elevate a user to assistant administrator is very straightforward.  From the home tab of AdSphere, ADMIN users have a person icon located in the upper right of the page as shown below:

After you click the person icon, you’ll be taken to the user setup page listing all of your current users.  Find the user you wish to elevate to assistant administrator and click the little gear icon on the far right.  Then click EDIT USER.


You’ll now find a clickable box for Assistant ADMIN that you can check.  When finished click the blue SAVE button at the bottom.  If you wish to unassign the Assistant ADMN role in the future, please use the same procedure and uncheck the Assistant ADMIN box and click SAVE.


We hope everyone enjoys these new features!  Thank you for being our customer!

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Friday – August 24th Update

We are experiencing a signal outage that began on 8/24/18 at 4:41pm EDT.  It appears to be affecting A&E Networks including Lifetime Movie, Lifetime, A&E, History, FYI,  and Viceland.  We are waiting on signal restoration.

Status Update:  All signals restored.

Start date and time, 8/24/18 4:41pm EDT
End date and time, 8/24/18 5:45pm EDT

We will not have airings during these times for the aforementioned networks.   We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wednesday – August 8th Update

Wow, we are having a slew of bad luck with our diginet feeds this month.  Unrelated to the problems that affected some of our diginet feeds earlier in the week, yesterday we lost one of our Charge! feeds due equipment failure issues at the broadcaster.  We are hoping to have the signal back in the next day or two as the broadcaster fixes their issues.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  More details to follow.

August 16th update – We finally got the Charge! feed issue resolved shortly after midnight this morning.  One of the two broadcast feeds we require went offline due to a lightning strike on the broadcast tower on 8/7.  It took them until today to get their broadcast tower back online.   We’re hoping no more acts of God for awhile and we thank everyone for your patience.

Tuesday – August 7th Update

From 1AM – 5AM this morning, our provider had a technical issue with one of their routers causing us to lose feeds on the following networks:


For AVS: The above networks in addition to ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX feeds.

We apologize for our inability to report airings on these networks during this time frame.

Wednesday – August 1st Update

Bounce and Laff are offline since yesterday evening.  In the case of broadcast digital networks, DRMetrix monitors two affiliate feeds from different markets and compares the commercials between the two.  Commercials appearing at the same time in both markets are assumed to be national and reported.  In one of the two markets we’re monitoring the broadcast station carrying Bounce and Laff went offline due to equipment issues on their end.   We don’t have an ETA yet on when these signals will return to normal.  In the interim, we are actively working to find alternate feeds.   We will update when we have more details.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update 9:30PM – We were able to secure alternative feeds to get Bounce and Laff back online this evening.

Wednesday, July 25th Update

This morning it appears some campaigns for last week are now showing local DPI break airings while others are still showing 100% national.  Something is still not right and I’ll provide an update later this morning when I know more.  We did determine and resolve the underlying reason for this problem so that it will not happen again.  We are still working to fix last week’s data.

Update 11:00AM PDT.  At this time, last week data is now correctly showing local DPI airings.  Thank you to everyone for your patience!

Monday, July 23 Update

We are aware of local airings displaying as national for last week.  We are currently investigating the issue and hope to have the local events updated later today.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update – We appreciate everyone’s patience.  The data for last week should be fixed by 3pm PDT today (7/24/18).  Apparently the update is taking longer than we anticipated.  We’re pretty darn sure it should be finished by Wednesday morning.  Our apologies.