August 2021 Build

We are pleased to bring some new features to our latest AdSphere build.

Exclude Response Type Filter

The introduction of a new Response Type filter “Exclude” makes it possible to exclude creative results where any combination of URL, SMS, TFN (toll free number) or MAR (mobile app response) elements exist. As an example, let’s say you’re interested in studying brand/dr campaigns that use any combination of URL, SMS, and MAR but you want to remove any creatives that have TFN. Previously, there was no way to do this but now you can select TFN together with the new Exclude button and click Apply! This will make it easier to isolate pure web based direct-to-consumer campaigns and much more.

Category / Sub-Category Fields

Campaigns in AdSphere can be assigned to one or two different categories / sub-categories. We have added fields for this in various reports so that users can easily determine which are assigned to each brand and ranking reports can easily be sorted using these new fields as shown below:

Track when new networks are added or removed from a brand or creative’s media schedule

In our May build of AdSphere, we added some new features on the network details page includes Active / Inactive network tabs, Active Weeks Counter, and Consecutive Weeks Counter. To read about these features, please click here. To put the finishing touches on these new features, we have added the ability to schedule recurring reports that key off of new Active or Inactive networks being added to a brand or creative schedule. As you will see below, when clicking the blue excel button, on either the Active or Inactive tab, will allow you make a variety of choices. In the upper section of the pop up dialog, you can request an excel output for either Active or Inactive networks. On the bottom section, you can optionally choose to have an automated weekly report scheduled and emailed to you every Monday based on any of the following conditions: When there are new active or new inactive networks, Only when there are new active networks, Only when there are new inactive networks, or run weekly whether or not there are new active or inactive networks.

There are multiple use cases for these new capabilities. It’s now easier than ever to track a particular brand or creative and be alerted should a new network be added to the schedule. You could also be alerted should a network be removed from the schedule. The reports you receive on Monday will alert you to any changes that were made in the prior media week.

We hope everyone enjoys these new features!