System Status – 6/25/19

This TV and Grit are back online as of this past Sunday 6/23.

A recent programming bug caused airings in local DPi breaks not to be properly flagged.  These airings are incorrectly showing as national in Adsphere.  We anticipate that this issue will be fully remedied by tomorrow, 6/26, when all impacted airings will properly reflect whether they are national or local.  We apologize for the inconvenience!  This unfortunately impacted our weekly spend index rankings which will also be updated by tomorrow


System Status – 6/22/19

One of our over-the-air feeds for “This TV” has been offline since yesterday and we’re also experiencing issues with one of the over-the-air signals for “Grit ” which appears to be going offline on occasion.   The broadcast digital networks can be impacted by weather or technical issues more so than the commercial grade feeds we monitor via commercial grade satellite for all of the Cable Networks.   We’ll advise as soon as we have an ETA on full signal restoration for both This TV and Grit.

System Status – 6/3/19

We apologize for the recent issues with some of the broadcast digital networks.  As of today, all of the broadcast digital networks are back online.  Weather issues had some broadcast towers impacted so in some cases we had to switch to different market network affiliates to regain service.   We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.