Thursday, June 21st update

DRMetrix experienced a hardware issue with our storage array. The matter is still being investigated but we know a few of our capture servers were impacted and airing data was not captured on a group of networks during this time.

The following networks were down for approx 2 hours 21:45 to 23:45:

Charge, Heroes and Icons, Bounce, TBD, Laff, MLB, AXS, Bloomberg, BBCA, American Heroes, CMT Pure Country, Cozi, Qubo, Ion Life, Nick Toons, Big 10 Network.
We apologize for the loss of airings data during this window.  This issue with the storage array was stabilized last night although the underlying cause is still being determined.  Technitions will be working on it Thursday morning and more information will be forthcoming.
Update:  Issue was traced to one of our switches that did not fail but locked up causing issues with routing to the storage array. The switch was reset and everything appears to be functioning normal again.