Monday Update – 11/14/16

There is a current issue that is affecting Airing Detail and Summary reports.   You may notice that submitted reports are stuck at 0% and are not being completed nor available to download.  We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to resolve the issue.

Update – This issue was resolved at 3:15PM.  All systems working normally again. 

Friday Update – 11/11/16

Earlier this week, we discovered that on occasion the little colored status indicators were incorrectly showing red (inactive) conditions for some creatives and brands.  It was discovered that a timezone server setting discrepancy was the culprit and this has now been resolved.

Yesterday, it was discovered that the current network lis,t which is available for download, included some networks that are not being monitored.   We sincerely apologize for any confusion caused.  The list is dynamic and an inactive filter setting was overlooked causing certain “inactive” networks to be included in the list.  The fix is being patched presently and the list should be updated by Friday morning.  DRMetrix is currently working to add some additional networks by end of year which will bring our total network count from 92 to above 100.

Happy Veteran’s Day!